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Monday, February 21, 2011

Unions or No Unions??

Making note of the Wisconsin protest a close friend of mine openly asked for opinions on unions, and to be honest about our thoughts.  I don't think he knew at the time what he was asking for.  I'm just glad he did it online and did not invite everybody to a cookout and ask for this.
 I am pro union.  And yes there are some bad ones out there but that don't mean they are all bad.  And if you are anti union that is fine by me.  You have the right to be treated like crap on your job if you so choose.
Any way, I just wanted to put up what I had posted on the subject matter:

Now someone brought up workers rights laws and OSHA.  Research it, a number of unions were involved with getting the workers rights in place and setting the regs for OSHA.  Unions pushed to get child labor laws in place and to set the 40 hour work week and overtime set at time and a half and workers comp laws and yes higher wages and better benefits. (it's not a bad thing to want better wages and benefits)  Can all of the good that a union provides be abused??  You damn right it can, and it has been.  Some union members have been abused by their own.  Remember Jimmy Hoffa??
In Wisconsin, some cities are looking to reduce wages of public worker unions by 30%, cut pensions by half and get rid of paid vacations.  Yes they are ragging on the unions but make no mistake it will affect everyone if they can get the changes made.  Your degree that you are still paying student loans on, won't make you the same wages after the changes are made as it does now.
Here in Oklahoma let me show you how unions have helped a non union job.  Volunteers for instance, they are there for the job and they DO get a pension just like the paid firefighters do and they don't have to make contributions to the system.  You can put money on it that if the unions leave the fire and police departments here they will lose benefits and be working for 7 dollars an hour.
GM, yes the union flushed them down the crapper.  But that is no indication of how every union works.  How many of you that are anti union take a cut in wages and benefits and give up your health insurance so the company can make higher profits?
Look at it like this, congress is organized why should you not be?
Remember union contracts go both ways.

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