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Monday, February 21, 2011

Try to understand something before you start passing out "bozo buttons"

I was told that I had earned myself a bozo button for a comment that I had made.  The comment was the last sentence in my  post about "UNIONS OR NO UNIONS"  the sentence was "Look at it like this, congress is organized why should you not be?"  And after everything I said in the post that is what he could find to bitch about.  If you haven't yet please go and read the entire post so you will understand the context.

The following is the bozo button insult along with my response:

That very last statement, Tommy, earned you a bozo button. How could you compare anything in real world to what Congress does?

Sorry Mr.Moore.  Here let me give your bozo button back sir.  Really?? You are going to take the last sentence out of what I said completely out of context and just for the words alone with no thought as to the meaning.  People that really do understand organized labor can understand that last sentence.  Let me expand sir, I was referring to congress as being organized as a group much like a labor force is organized as a group. So you see there is something that the U.S. Congress can be compared to something in the real world. Mr. Moore you asked for "Opinions based on many facts and points of view" and when given you turn to bozo button insults.  Sir I'm sorry that you even read  my comment.  

Understand that you  need to read someones entire post and understand how the comments they make come together to create a complete thought  and idea before you insult that person and you have no idea really what the post was about.  It is people like this that make me think it can't be Head-Up-Ass Syndrome, because there's got to be more oxygen and more light up even the flabbiest ass than could account for such rampant and long-lasting self-abnegation.

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