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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

Sometimes we must come to terms that there are bad people with bad ideas.  They may have started with good intentions but greed, the hunger for power, self centeredness, or maybe a combination there of. But this is not indicative of ALL people and ALL ideas as a whole. There is no reason not to work toward improvement.  And to make improvement we must first know what needs improvement by looking at what has been done in the past.  It's been said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
When we defeat the greedy self centered egotistical closed minded people that are hell bent on forcing his will on others we must also take steps to maintain that victory by organized effort.
These organized efforts are referred to as bargaining.  Let's take a look at some of the things they "bargain" for;
The employer and union agree  not to discriminate against race, creed, age size, sex, religion, or status of union membership.
The employer retains its rights to determine policy, the right to assign work hours including overtime, the right to modify or change work schedules, the right to terminate suspend demote promote or take any disciplinary actions, and to establish and enforce rules, regulations, and orders.
The employer agrees to allow the union members paid vacations and paid holidays and paid sick leave.
The employer agrees to compensate union members for court leave.
The employer agrees to pay a bonus for longevity.
The employer agrees to pay for training.
After the employer agrees to all of this and signs the contract with the union what happens if the employer does not abide by what they have agreed too??  What does the union have to fall back on??        STRIKE!!!
During the term of their agreement the union agrees to a prohibition of any kind of job action such as work slowdown, mass absenteeism, or being party to such activities.  The union shall not be in breach of agreement where the acts and actions as enumerated above are not caused or authorized by the union.    Upon notification confirmed in writing by the employer to a responsible official of the union that certain of its members are engaged in a job action the union shall immediately and publicly order all employees participating in a job action to cease such action.
And what is this called??  ARTICLE 10 PROHIBITION OF STRIKES.  The one thing that can bring the employer back to order within the agreement that they signed.
Quote history??  It's where the facts come from.  It's how we see the mistakes we make so we don't make them again.

All people are not bad, all ideas are not bad, all unions are not bad, and not all employers are bad.
Open your mind and  your ass will follow.

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