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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping an Open Mind

This came up in a class I was in a number of years ago and this really reflects my feelings about the time that we live in now.

Not interested in keeping an open mind

I am not interested in keeping an open mind about members of some radical extremist religion that want to kill me, my family, and my entire culture.
I do not care to keep an open mind about a religion that openly declares that OUR only options are to convert to islam, serve islam, or be put to death by the hand of islam.  I will not keep an open mind about the partys of our government that are only interested in gaining power by undermining the current administration rather than focusing on the hatred against the American people.
I am not interested in keeping an open mind about the biased media that is often factually incorrect.
I refuse to keep an open mind about teachers that preach anti American theories to their captive audiences and then publicly chastise a student that does not pander to the extreme leftist views and agendas.
I am not interested in keeping an open mind about people who have a moral Equivalence in what we are doing in Iraq and the actions of those that behead people, blow up children with suicide vest, and target the general population.
I am not the least bit interested in the pseudo intellectuals that feels no need to learn a little history but instead would rather regurgitate the latest news sound bite that has no concept historical context to compare with.
Keeping an open mind is great in theory but for some it is an excuse not to choose a side, or to not stand behind what you believe in, or to simply ride the fence and not own up to the side you have chosen.
An open mind is a wonderful thing to have but you must also have convictions to what you believe in.
There are times in life you must take a stand, for yourself and sometimes for the sake of others.  So to keep an open mind is to know and believe in what you open your mind to.

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