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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Firefighters of Oklahoma

(Reposted from the OSFA)
THIS Wednesday Morning!
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At 9:00 a.m., Wednesday March 9th, the Firefighters of Oklahoma are meeting together on the NORTH PLAZA of the State Capitol Building !

Please disregard earlier references to the parking lot as the Partners of the Oklahoma Fire Service has secured permission to meet in front of the Capitol Building at the steps, on the North Plaza !

So, we'll meet at the steps of the North Plaza at 9:00 a.m. Be prepared to demonstrate the Unity of the Oklahoma Fire Service for the benefit of our State Representatives and Senators!

THIS is THE time to meet with your Representative & Senator and express your concerns regarding recent bills that have been introduced that have a negative impact upon YOUR Pension System!

If you are unsure who is your current representative or senator, go to and click on, "Find your legislator" right under the Blue Button found on the Upper Right of the Homepage.  Or, go to & to find your legislator's name and office number!

  • Don't bring any pocketknives or sharp tools of any kind so you won't be stopped at the Security Checkpoints.
  • These legislative issues will have a direct impact on:
    • EVERY Widow!  Who receives a benefit from our Pension System.
    • EVERY Firefighter!
      • Active
      • Paid
      • Volunteer
      • Retired
      • and; future generations of Firefighters
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